Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Feeling Sketchy #64

Hard to believe that it's been a month since I've been here but then I do remember a very BUSY three weeks.

Finally today has been  my own and so I decided that the first card was going to be something I could relax and enjoy doing. I've been looking at the Feeling Sketchy Challenges a few times - and entered once so here's my take on #64. The cameo is a cutout RAK

I have no girlie (daughter) influences in my sphere so my cards tend to be on the less flowery/ribbon side of things.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Feeling Sketch Challenge #61

A friend challenged me to have a go at this - thanks Denise ... I think. Anyway this is the first ever challenge I've entered. However I'm not really sure that the vision and reality ended up the same. The cardstock is Cor'ordinations, the glitter is a Christmas glitter, the large snowflake from my stash.

... and here is the sketch

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

new idea for strip scraps

I was looking at a link that a card making friend had sent - when I had a K'Ching moment. We all have scraps - and some of us have LOTS of scraps. The link I was looking at was to do with adhering serviettes http://littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com/2008/12/how-to-make-napkin-card-and-be-hit-of.html but the example shown had me diving to my craft table. Many of the ideas for strip scraps need long scraps but my idea meant I could use up those very pretty - but SHORT papers in my collection.

As a teaser here is the first card I made.

So what did I do? Very embarrassing but this is my strips stash. First I divided some of them into colour groups - and came up with the colours for the first card. 


I took my widest DS tape 1" (2.5cm), adhered it to cardstock and trimmed that to size. After that I had fun laying them down. Don't worry if the strips go crooked. Just re-lay the next one straight and keep going. Any sticky gaps can be covered by glitter. This is what I ended up with before I trimmed the excess strips off. OK so I kept a couple of the longer scraps.  

Basically you then trim the covered strip and adhere to your card base. And you start reducing your scraps stash. After this I was on such a roll I made two more cards. The With Gratitude card was a 2.5" scrap that I put through the Xyron but I think both widths have their place on cards.  And yes I've made my first Christmas card


Thanks for looking


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter card

I don't normally make Easter cards, but there is one young man I like to send too. He's probably too old for that sort of thing by now, but hey isn't our job to embarrass them  just a little bit?

I got the idea from Pinterest and stored it away for the right person. I adapted a little - the embossing folder is Cuttlebug Forest Branches, while the rabbit itself is from the spellbinders circle set and the bunny tail from Build a flower.

The legs were a bit more interesting to do - two small ovals from the coluzzle template and DH came to the rescue cutting the pink foot pads for me. The Easter greeting was too big for the front so is glued inside. 

Enjoy and have a safe and happy Easter


Monday, March 11, 2013

a fun afternoon

Just where does the time vanish to? March already. I've been busy (and making cards) but that's no excuse.

Ok where I live (in an apartment complex) we do door mail on our floor. That is we happily stick notes under each other's doors with reminders, requests for help that sort of thing. Any issues we knock on each other's doors - but that hasn't happened yet. This morning I woke up to some door mail from our immediate neighbour. After I'd read it, I turned it over to put on the bench - and immediately saw a card on the back of what she had written on.

So this is what I've done with it this afternoon - the stickers are all from my stash. Sadly I bought this Asian sheet BEFORE I'd taken to writing on the back where I bought it from However I do know that it is starform 920. Hold your horses I bought it from   http://www.creativecrafts.com.au/ - must have been at one of our craft shows.

So now I'm about to return her paper to her - hope she likes it.

Thanks for stopping by


Friday, September 7, 2012

Christmas cards!!!

It's with a sense of shock that I realise that Christmas will be well and truly over in just four months. To that end I'm trying to NOT have that last minute rush making my cards - and have made an early start. With a bit of luck this will reduce my panic sessions at the end ....maybe.

A card making friend of mine does wonderful things with the commercial Christmas cards that she receives - and of course that got this paper scrooge thinking this year. For some commercial cards it's almost criminal to throw them out. So to that end here are my first offerings from my commercial card stash.
I fell in love with the summer Santa image - well that's what we have here in Australia in December. The sand is a 'sand glitter', the ocean is a torn up calendar page and the sky chalked. The thong (flip flop) is in the wrong place and I only put in one because (a) I only had one left and (b) these things never get lost together! The seagull is the negative from a punch

The three Wise Men are cut, and embossed with a stylus then raised with pop dots. The three Christmas trees were just cut out and raised.

Thanks for stopping by

Monday, August 13, 2012

my latest card

Well it's been a while since I last posted ... but I do have a good excuse - two months in France! I have to admit I had an absolutely wonderful time and while there we met up with two sets of friends in Aix En Provence for a week. One lady had a birthday a couple of days after we returned to Oz and I was too jetlagged to be able to do anything for her in time. If you haven't had jetlag it's a bit like having the flu - SO not good.

Anyway today I've finished off a never ending card and put it in the mail for her. If you haven't heard of this it is simple as and has lots of sections for you to be able to decorate - really good for those milestone birthdays .. or if you want to surprise a friend.  Dawn gives the easiest explanation of the how to make this clever card.

Page one - stamping and rub ons.
Page two - the blank green is where my message went - although I didn't sign my name - secret squirrel! The wine glass is from the eyelet outlet ... a wonderful website that delivers very quickly anywhere in the 

  Page three - memories of our travels and France

Page four - have to admit I was struggling to come with another idea. 

I've made one of these for a friend's 60th and this seems to work if you dedicate one 'page' to a part of each person's life. With a little preliminary planning these are very easy cards to make.

thanks for stopping by.

ps I've been playing with getting my image placements small enough to show them side by side so am currently on a learning curve - probably something that you shouldn't do in the middle of the night! Thanks to Na for your hint