Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March update

I figured it's time I updated my blog - showing a glass of red wine - some would say it's very me; and the profile picture was taken in Florence Italy last year.

Townsville is recovering from all the tree damage from cyclone Yasi - now if they can just repair ALL the potholes on the roads we won't need to play dodge em cars anymore. I've also had my eye surgery - finally finished - so now I'm busy re-training my brain, waiting to get the all clear to drive - and get my reading glasses. I never realised just how much I wasn't seeing - until I saw perfectly again - cataract surgery is just an amazing thing. The colours crisp and bright - and the detail!! All good.

And hopefully I will be posting here more often in 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

blogspot winner

The blogspot winner for the Christmas trees is marilync. 
Your comment made me laugh as (a) I live in the tropics and haven't seen snow in 20 years and (b) where I live was hit by Tropical Cyclone Yasi last month - and 65,000 trees were destroyed locally. We were lucky though that no homes were damaged - although further north is a different story. Marilync if you'd like to email me on tropical.stampa@y7mail.com with your address I'll get your trees in the mail to you Monday - thanks all for participating and dropping by my blogspot.

Have a good weekend all