Monday, August 13, 2012

my latest card

Well it's been a while since I last posted ... but I do have a good excuse - two months in France! I have to admit I had an absolutely wonderful time and while there we met up with two sets of friends in Aix En Provence for a week. One lady had a birthday a couple of days after we returned to Oz and I was too jetlagged to be able to do anything for her in time. If you haven't had jetlag it's a bit like having the flu - SO not good.

Anyway today I've finished off a never ending card and put it in the mail for her. If you haven't heard of this it is simple as and has lots of sections for you to be able to decorate - really good for those milestone birthdays .. or if you want to surprise a friend.  Dawn gives the easiest explanation of the how to make this clever card.

Page one - stamping and rub ons.
Page two - the blank green is where my message went - although I didn't sign my name - secret squirrel! The wine glass is from the eyelet outlet ... a wonderful website that delivers very quickly anywhere in the 

  Page three - memories of our travels and France

Page four - have to admit I was struggling to come with another idea. 

I've made one of these for a friend's 60th and this seems to work if you dedicate one 'page' to a part of each person's life. With a little preliminary planning these are very easy cards to make.

thanks for stopping by.

ps I've been playing with getting my image placements small enough to show them side by side so am currently on a learning curve - probably something that you shouldn't do in the middle of the night! Thanks to Na for your hint

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