Saturday, December 17, 2011

tag 12 - final one!

Well I made it this year! The entire twelve tags. It seemed that this tag I had most of the stuff that Tim used - although I fudged on the tissue paper background and flower bit - and decided to go with a ballet shape rather than a fragments - like Tim says use what you have.

Probably the BEST thing I've used this year are my cuttlebug alphabet dies - curls and swirls, and fancy pants. And I do love Tim's Glossy Accents over Dimensional Magic.  

Almost a bit sad packing up my Christmas box - but hey now I can get back to other exciting projects.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tag 11

I'm not sure about this one - suspect I used the wrong image - simply too small - and leaving way too much blank space. The tag itself was deceptively easy to make - whether that was for the flagging global crafters - or whether Tim was running out of energy - who knows

I'd have another go - but use up more space 

tag 10

Nearly there! This is the one I made by mistake earlier in the week - and did I enjoy doing this one. It's the first time I'd used the tiny postage stamp - why I don't know as it says North Pole Dec 25. I didn't have any of Tim's fragments but the copper frame has been rolling around my drawer for a couple of years and seemed to do the job perfectly. I used tissue tape that I bought months ago in preparation for this - and all i can say is thank goodness for my Cuttlebug alphabet dies. They have had more use in the last 10 days than for ages. And I finally found my tulle! 

Tag 9

I have had to hold off uploading as I was behind in making this one - and it's barely dry ATM. didn't quite come out like Tim's but the el cheapo blue cardstock now looks more like leather! The star has Crystallina Glitter over it. The leaves are the alcohol ink ones that Tim showed in tag 7 and just seemed to be perfect for this tag   

Tag #8

I am slowly getting there. And I have to say I'm enjoying this year's tags (I'm better prepared which helps. I was lucky with this one as I just seemed to have everything on hand to help - and I really can't live without my Glossy Accents - much better than DM I have to say. The tiny dove is actually a dark green, while the nib is actually a sticker from a sheet that I'd used for a friend's 60th. The hand I'm not overly impressed with (operator erroe) and it looks like they've been out gardening!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tag #7

Things got busy there for a bit - but I'm back on track with these wonderful tags. I thought I'd made tag 7 yesterday - only to discover that I'd got ahead of myself and made number 10.

I did enjoy making this one - and took a fellow crafter's advice to make sure the leaves were dark enough to stand out. No glassine but heavy vellum worked just as well

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tag #5

I might have to try this one again one day - not sure I'm with the metallic paper concept - I used alfoil glued to cardstock. And the EP was called Bridal Tinsel - a friend gave it to me,

Tag #4

OK so I'm a little out of order here. I had to go get some rock candy crackle and some glossy accents first. I was also lucky enough to get the snowman shape from the lovely ladies at Scrapbook_Shenanigans - hope you ladies like how she ended up - I decided it was a she snow person.

The snowflake in the top corner came from a friend in Nebraska - sot it was all very global really. Not 100%like Tim's but I'm happy with it - learnt heaps on this one - my purple fingers are proof!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

tag #6

I've skipped tag 4 for the moment - it needs glossy accents or similar and I simply cannot live without the stuff. I pick up my order tomorrow afternoon. :D

This looked fairly easy - but there must be some basic difference property difference between Archival ink and Stazon as I couldn't really get the ink and alcohol ink to lift. Then again it could be because of our warmer weather - and the ink dries fast. My first stamp wasn't going to work so I went hunting and found a tartan stamp - unused I confess!! - and took it from there. I think it actually looks like a door (the background paper is some gold from a box from my stash). The wreath is simply tinsel wrapped around a jump ring. I've learnt that I shouldn't try and blindly follow Tim's interpretation but go with what I have here and my gut feeling. I know Tim that's what you said on day one!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tag #3

This one took a bit of time for me to get my head around - not having a thing that Tim suggested! In the end I put my tag through the Divine Swirls folder, then silver heat embossed - exactly like I did with the word Joy (UMS).

I then stamped and cut out two leaves, used a paper flower and added two red half pearls. Finished it off with a large snowflake. What do you think? 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tim's tag rehashed tag 2

I really didn't like my reindeer on the #2 tag. too small, too insipid - and besides which the poor thing the dimensional paint went everywhere and made him look like he had a blood nose - very sad. So this afternoon I consigned him to the rubbish and tried again. Used a cutout Christmas tree template and then put that through my lacy tree cuttlebug folder - better. I was going to add some jewels (for decorations but decided that perhaps it was better to stop. You decide

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tim's tag #2

Well I've gone from no entries to frantic activity. As soon as I saw today's tag I loved it and knew how it would/could work. It doesn't quite show up - but the reindeer has a red nose. Thanks for looking

Tim Holtz 12 tags of Christmas tag 1

I have made my first Tim Holtz Christmas tag. No pinecone tag but I've made use of what I have just as he suggested

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tim Holtz 12 tags of Christmas

These tags are just amazing -now to get started. What? how? oh boy oh boy - exciting time

Monday, April 18, 2011

a 70th birthday card

We were recently invited to a friend's 70th birthday - and I wanted to make her something a bit nicer than the normal card. A friend on my yahoo group mentioned a tri-fold card and bingo I knew it would be perfect.

The birthday girl loves purple so it was a matter of searching through all my 'purple' collection and starting from there. The only problem I really had was that the original sheet that I cut from was a little bit smaller than the specified 12x12 inch sheet. Never the less I will be trying this one a second time later in the year. I'm sure it gets easier - cutting the slits was a bit tricky - but my fiskars cutter worked well with it .

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March update

I figured it's time I updated my blog - showing a glass of red wine - some would say it's very me; and the profile picture was taken in Florence Italy last year.

Townsville is recovering from all the tree damage from cyclone Yasi - now if they can just repair ALL the potholes on the roads we won't need to play dodge em cars anymore. I've also had my eye surgery - finally finished - so now I'm busy re-training my brain, waiting to get the all clear to drive - and get my reading glasses. I never realised just how much I wasn't seeing - until I saw perfectly again - cataract surgery is just an amazing thing. The colours crisp and bright - and the detail!! All good.

And hopefully I will be posting here more often in 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

blogspot winner

The blogspot winner for the Christmas trees is marilync. 
Your comment made me laugh as (a) I live in the tropics and haven't seen snow in 20 years and (b) where I live was hit by Tropical Cyclone Yasi last month - and 65,000 trees were destroyed locally. We were lucky though that no homes were damaged - although further north is a different story. Marilync if you'd like to email me on with your address I'll get your trees in the mail to you Monday - thanks all for participating and dropping by my blogspot.

Have a good weekend all

Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog Candy

Hi all this is my first blog candy attempt. I don't think the Cuttlebug Christmas tree tops (PC 37-1854) is around much any more but there is a fair bit of interest from the Cuttlebug-itis ladies. So in the tradition of card makers everywhere I'm offering 100 cuttlebug trees for the best comment for why you'd like this piece of 'candy'. There'll be die cut and embossed trees, die cut trees ready for you to emboss with your own folders, and I'll also do up some combinations for you for ideas. At this stage I think I have 70 to 80 ready to go.

I'll choose the winner on the morning of 5th March Australian Eastern Standard Time - and I mail to anywhere. Looking forward to seeing  your replies

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Time has moved quickly!  We have had Christmas - and floods - and Tropical Cyclone Yasi - and LOTS of wind. However through it all I have been able to make cards and chill out - even better as it was without electricity. Hopefully I can show just what I've been making in the coming days as it's been a very creative time. I've also had a bit of eye surgery - so crooked is my new technique for the time being.

And I hope you like the new look blog