Monday, March 11, 2013

a fun afternoon

Just where does the time vanish to? March already. I've been busy (and making cards) but that's no excuse.

Ok where I live (in an apartment complex) we do door mail on our floor. That is we happily stick notes under each other's doors with reminders, requests for help that sort of thing. Any issues we knock on each other's doors - but that hasn't happened yet. This morning I woke up to some door mail from our immediate neighbour. After I'd read it, I turned it over to put on the bench - and immediately saw a card on the back of what she had written on.

So this is what I've done with it this afternoon - the stickers are all from my stash. Sadly I bought this Asian sheet BEFORE I'd taken to writing on the back where I bought it from However I do know that it is starform 920. Hold your horses I bought it from - must have been at one of our craft shows.

So now I'm about to return her paper to her - hope she likes it.

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