Wednesday, May 15, 2013

new idea for strip scraps

I was looking at a link that a card making friend had sent - when I had a K'Ching moment. We all have scraps - and some of us have LOTS of scraps. The link I was looking at was to do with adhering serviettes but the example shown had me diving to my craft table. Many of the ideas for strip scraps need long scraps but my idea meant I could use up those very pretty - but SHORT papers in my collection.

As a teaser here is the first card I made.

So what did I do? Very embarrassing but this is my strips stash. First I divided some of them into colour groups - and came up with the colours for the first card. 


I took my widest DS tape 1" (2.5cm), adhered it to cardstock and trimmed that to size. After that I had fun laying them down. Don't worry if the strips go crooked. Just re-lay the next one straight and keep going. Any sticky gaps can be covered by glitter. This is what I ended up with before I trimmed the excess strips off. OK so I kept a couple of the longer scraps.  

Basically you then trim the covered strip and adhere to your card base. And you start reducing your scraps stash. After this I was on such a roll I made two more cards. The With Gratitude card was a 2.5" scrap that I put through the Xyron but I think both widths have their place on cards.  And yes I've made my first Christmas card


Thanks for looking


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