Monday, March 12, 2012

using scraps

I have just finished my colour combo for my March swap. It gave me some grief at first being orange, green and brown - but I have just joined TechniqueJunkies and promptly went on technique overload after checking out their site. In the end I must have seen a picture ...somewhere - and came up with the end product - and I can't show it until my partner has it - sorry. I had pulled out my cuttlebug funky circle frame 37-1155 that rarely sees the light of day and simply went to town. My end product looks a bit different to these but if you have scraps or the funky circle frame it's an idea. I ended up with bits and pieces and decided that while I was surrounded by lots of sticky bits of orange and green of various hues it would be a good time to make up a couple of backgrounds. 

 I think the bottom one is still a WIP but the top one is ready to go onto a card that might suit it

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