Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I had a brain wave today - well you have to do something to take your mind off your very close visit to the dentist's chair! I was reading a magazine in the waiting room and in one article the 'subject' was saying that she loves her sewing and will sew/embroider anything using her sewing machine.... having just spent quite a few days at my machine - and ending up with an agonised back my first thought was no Jose!

But then I had one of those K-ching moments. Having survived my dental chair time it was back home and dragging out my green 'I'll do something with it one day' pile of scraps. And this is the result. Where it looks grey and green - it's actually shades of moss green. The dark green triangle is where the white background showed through. Maybe next time I'll make the X's smaller (I used a template here) 

Went to throw out all my scrap cutoffs and went nope - just keep going. I dug out a scrap of Jac paper and just started splotching scraps down where it 'looked' like they should be, and poured over ultrafine copper glitter. And bingo there you have it

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