Sunday, February 14, 2010

stuff ups and hot weather

These two just so go together. It's really hard getting the correct placement (on ANYTHING) as perspiration drips down into your eyes. The other day rummaging through my stash of goodies I realised that I had some leftover purple cardstock - from when I'd attempted to sell red hat cards (only 200 to go). Cut them to size and found some coloured scraps that I then put through my Cuttlebug (I LOVE my bug for exactly that reason - no scrap of paper is safe from me). Enter perspiration ... and I didn't match up the edges. And they were uneven to boot.

Went to my now well organised ribbon drawer and found some deep purple ribbon and glued it. I always wanted an image in the middle and to show a narrow purple border. Finding the right image was the hard bit - all those stamps and not one was right - but I got lucky in the end. I rubbed over the image with Lyra crayon - and lightly misted it (took two goes as I've never tried it before). Dabbed the edges with lavender fluid chalk and added a gem.

I'm not real sure about this - I can see the bits I'm not happy with but there you go. Next time I'll show you what I do with my white scraps.


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